Quotes About Lois

 "Her name is as beautiful as her music, as smooth as her voice, as warm as her spirit." Ladyslipper Music

"Occasionally an artist stands out from the crowd, and Lois is just such an artist…Her interpretive style evokes memories of performances by some of the great jazz vocalists. Not because she sounds like them, but because her delivery is soulful and rich, filled with the nuances and subtle emphases that are story telling at its best."   S. H. Watkins, Sr., Jazzusa.com

"A most compelling vocalist…" Richard Bourcier of JazzReview.com

"..A gifted singer/songwriter that will stand the test of time..."  Jazz-not-Jazz Blog

"Outstanding voice!"  Dr. Billy Taylor

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Lois on WUNC's State of Things

"Lois in Concert at the Redstone Room" video

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