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Jazz Education

Lois is committed to helping build strong communities through her music. She has performed and conducted clinics and workshops in a broad variety of settings including college and universities, schools, museums, care facilities, churches, and community centers. Utilizing her skills as an experienced public speaker, Lois�s presentations are educational, interactive and suitable for audiences of all ages.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has taken masters level courses and classes in a broad range of disciplines.


  • Crossing Jordan: A musical journey through spirituals and antique gospel music. This inspirational presentation highlights the integral role of music in celebrations, ceremonies and rituals with a special emphasis on songs of hope and mourning.

  • VocalEASE: A workshop in improvisation where participants engage in active listening and singing, and learn new ways to experience familiar (age appropriate)

    songs. The workshop also includes tips and techniques for making musical performances more relaxed, polished and enjoyable.

  • Poetry to Song: Participants in this workshop learn techniques for communicating every day experiences and emotions. After completing a guided exercise, simple poems written by the participants are transformed into songs.

  • Jazz, Blues, and Beyond! This introduction to traditional African American Music�Spirituals, Blues, and Jazz �demonstrates and highlights the connections between various genres of music.

Lesson plans, bibliographies, listening and reading lists are available upon request.

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